Phoebe works incredibly hard and all that hard work pays off! She has just finished 100 days of makeup and every day was a look that could kill. You need to be following @beautybypphoebe on Instagram, trust us you won't regret it. 

Read all about this inspiring, makeup artist and what she loves...

What got you motivated to start your Instagram?

I often saw a lot of artists creating some absolute masterpieces and wondered if I could do the same. I became addicted to creating designs and using crazy colours on my face then decided I needed to start posting what I was doing and share it with the world.
What is the first memory you have with makeup?

When I was younger I started breaking out a lot and became very self-conscious about my skin, I developed severe acne so started playing around with different ways to use makeup to cover it, so I felt confident enough going out in public.
Who is your biggest inspiration in makeup and life overall?

I have to say Jeffree Star is one of my biggest inspirations. Before I knew much about his life I just thought he was your typical makeup guru but after learning more I realise he’s a business genius - something I aspire to be. Not to mention his makeup skills are incredible and the products he’s created go above and beyond.
What advice do you have to someone wanting to start-up in the beauty community?

Just go for it. The world is so huge so be exactly who you want to be and share and wear whatever you feel like. People will always judge and people will always support so PLEASE don’t be afraid to follow your dreams purely because you’re worried what people might think.
What is one product you couldn’t live without?
When you go through patches of being uninspired, what gets you motivated again?

Travelling. I’m from a very small town so getting out of this and heading to a city is the most mind-opening thing. We get very stuck in our ways sometimes and it's so so important to look elsewhere for inspiration other than in your normal comfort zone.
What does your typical day in a week look like?

I have my own beauty therapy business so I wake up, check the clients I’ve booked for the day, have a giant coffee and can’t wait to catch up with my regular clients or meet new amazing people. Afterwards, I often start playing around with makeup and accidentally spend 4 hours creating (or copying) a makeup look. Then I post it to Instagram and go to bed.
Huge thank you to Phoebe, we can not wait to see all the beautiful things you create in the future!