Influencer Blog Series #1 - Ashlee Whipps

Ashlee Whipps, @ashleew_mua, is our first influencer feature in this blog series!

She is an amazing makeup artist, and such a kind and caring person – you just HAVE to read all about her.

Continue reading to find out more about Ashlee, insight to her day to day life, why she started her Instagram and so much more!

What got you motivated to start your Instagram?
Originally it was to get my name out there as a Makeup Artist, then it ventured more into my own thing where I could really get creative with it and share my love for makeup.  
What is the first memory you have with makeup?
My brother eating my mums lipstick haha, will always remember this!
Who is your biggest inspiration in makeup and in life overall?
Well, I have a massive love for our kiwi makeup gals! Annalee Kemsley is a super talented makeup artist, as well as sharing creative looks, she gives insight into brands and products in an authentic way, not to mention I’m into her dress sense in a big way!
What advice do you have to someone wanting to start up in the beauty community?
Be as raw and open as possible. You can still make dope content and be an unreal makeup artist without the horrible mask Instagram and social platforms can sometimes make you feel you need.
What is one product you couldn’t live without?
Brow pomade, although if I had half decent brows (I really don’t) then I would choose concealer as I’m prone to getting a spot… or ten! Damn it haha.
When you go through patches of being uninspired, what gets you motivated again?
Knowing how well I’ve done already with not a massive following is a major drive for me. I try my hardest to keep on top of things although life in general gets in the way. There is so many people sharing insane content so it’s often hard to not kick yourself and question your abilities. I’ll try to flip things round and tell myself I too can create insane content I just need to get stuck in. 
What does your typical day in a week look like?
It depends on the day for me. During the week my main job is being a Mum, I have a three year old Son who keeps me VERY busy. Editing and creating content surprisingly takes up a lot of my time. When Friday hits I’m into makeovers. I chose to become a freelance MUA so I can choose where I put my time too and it’s been the best decision I’ve made to date.

We would like to say a huge thanks to Ashlee for taking the time to collaborate with us, you’ll be seeing a whole lot more of her on our Instagram, @milanicosmetics_nz, in the future! We are so excited to finally get to share what we are working on behind the scenes with this amazing artist!