Charlotte Victoria is an amazing makeup artist, follow @charlottevictoriaxx to see her beautiful makeup looks and products recommendations. She is stunning and will add a beautiful, positive and fresh feel to your Instagram feed. 


Read all about Charlotte, her favourite products and what she does in her day to day life - you wont regret it!


What got you motivated to start your instagram?

Back in 2012 I started my instagram as a creative outlet - I always loved photography & sharing photos. I used to post lots of flatlays & had quite a ‘themed’ Instagram feed. I slowly started posting photos of my own face because I’ve always loved makeup & that’s just brought me to where I’m at with my instagram today - I’m still posting mostly beauty related content but it’s more authentically ‘me’ now. 


What is the first memory you have with makeup?

My first makeup memory would have to be raiding my mum’s collection of products & hiding away in my room to try them all on. She had this one really bright pink blush I used to put all over my face & pretend it was foundation... I can’t imagine how crazy I looked back then! 


Who is my biggest inspiration in makeup and in life overall?

I’m constantly getting inspired by new people when it comes to makeup. My makeup style has changed so much over the years & I’m sure it will still continue to change too. I get a lot of inspiration from the online NZ beauty community, there’s so much talent out there, but also from just scrolling through certain hashtags on insta - depending on what look I’m going for on the day! My biggest inspiration in life overall (as I’m sure many girls would say) would have to be my mum, she’s just the kindest & most amazing mother to me & I really look up to her.


What advice do you have to someone wanting to start up in the beauty community?

Just go for it! Also stay real & be yourself - there’s so many people online these days & the difference between you & the next person is just what makes you YOU, so never try to act as anyone you’re not. Starting up a beauty instagram because you have a real passion for all things beauty is key too, rather than just starting it up to try & gain a big following & get sent things for free, people see right through that so make sure your intentions are genuine. 


What is one product you can’t live without?

If we’re talking skincare - moisturiser with a good SPF (I’m so pale so I always need a good SPF!)

If we’re talking makeup - it’s a tough choice between foundation & a tinted brow gel for me. So hard to choose only one! 


When you go through patches of being uninspired, what gets you motivated again?

In general - I’ll just take some time to myself to refocus, remind myself that I’m on the right track & surround myself with supportive people. In terms of online - reminding myself of how supportive my followers are definitely makes me keen to create content & try to get back to it when I’m going through a rough patch or take a little too much time off posting. Sometimes I even go back through my own page & look at photos from when I was really motivated & posting often - it reminds me of how good things can be if I put the time & energy into it.


What does a typical day in your week look like?

Typically I work 5 days a week & I love my job so I enjoy being at work but I also love coming home to watch some reality (trash) television (Love Island, the Bachelor, Kardashians - you name it I’ve probably watched it). I have been trying to get back into going to the gym regularly too, so I’m attempting to do that either before or after work as well. I love spending time with my flatmates & my boyfriend so that’s a part of my daily routine. I’m quite a creature of habit so usually my days are all very similar. 


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