Today we introduce Amber Appletini! Amber is such an amazing an inspiring influencer, you'd be silly not to follow her. On @amberappletini she posts her incredible makeup looks which display so much skill, her real feelings, and her killer fashion style!
Read more about Amber below to find out more!
What got you motivated to start your Instagram?
I’ve always been all about social media ever since the MySpace scene kid days. When Instagram became more popular I just had to jump on! I've been doing this about 6 years now. 
What is the first memory you have with makeup?
My big sis gave me this super bright red when I was 6 years old. I loved it! I remember my dad getting mad and making me blot some of it off every time I wore it, I could never understand what his problem was, I thought I looked gorgeous!. Recently I saw the photos of me wearing that lipstick and I looked like a clown! Haha, I understand now! 
Who is your biggest inspiration in makeup and in life overall?
With make up I am inspired daily just scrolling through Instagram, there are some seriously talented people out there!
In life my biggest inspiration would be my mum, she inspired me to be an independent hard working woman and I will always thank her for that. 
What advice do you have to someone wanting to start-up in the beauty community?
Be you, follow your dreams and always remember to take time out from social media when you need it.
What is one product you couldn’t live without?
Brow powder! I always need my brows! 
When you go through patches of being uninspired, what gets you motivated again?
I scroll Pinterest or my Instagram explore page, there’s so much amazing work out there! 


Huge thank you to Amber for taking the time to work with us! Amber is going to be showing off her skills using Milani on Instagram a lot in the future so make sure you follow her so you can see all of the amazing things that she creates